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Welcome to Lorven Aviation

Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, there is no doubt that air charter is a more flexible alternative to commercial air travel.

Lorven Aviation’s core operating ethos is centered on putting the passenger first. We pride ourselves on being a customer advocate and resource, providing insightful, intelligent and balanced advice for clients who are considering, utilizing and optimizing private aviation. Our brand promise is centered on the ethos of ‘Take Command’ and ‘Power to the Passenger’, which empowers our clients with optionality, choice, and flexibility.

Lorven Aviation is all about choice and control. That’s why we offer a complete suite of flight solutions—from fixed-price charter to customized membership programs. It’s also why we always steer clients to the solution that makes the most sense to them, not us. We never require a large up-front financial commitment, so you avoid capital risk and residual value exposure, leading to significant cost savings over time.

Our Mission


The Lorven Aviation mission is to be the trusted advisor and service provider of choice to the most sophisticated private aviation consumers, both businesses and individuals. We serve leaders—commanders of industry who want as much control over their travel experiences as possible.

A consistent, high-touch experience

We guarantee superior service, safety and comfort on every one of our business jets.

Services We Offer


Lorven Aviation offers On-Demand Charter Services to meet personal scheduling and bottom-line requirements. When you need to book private air travel on an as needed basis, Lorven Aviation On-Demand Charter Services are ready. Lorven Aviation service offers private jet charters for both business and leisure purposes.

Chopper Rides

Whether it’s a Private Destination, Airport to Airport Shuttle, or a Quick Trip to any remote place, We’ll get you there safely and on-time.

Private Jet Services

We provide aircraft charters to business professionals/ Corporate Officials, to maximize their time efficiency. We offer flexibility, efficiency, security and comfort. Chartering private jets enables executives and senior management to fulfill strict schedules and often complete multiple meetings in different cities or carry out several site visits in one day.

Air Ambulance

We offer full service medical transportation provider of air ambulance, and commercial medical escort for critically ill and injured patients. We provide air ambulance transportation service to Private Individuals and family members, Hospitals, Medical Assist Companies, Cost Containment Companies and other providers of medical care.

Joy rides

Explore more in less time. Take the ride with your family, or go on a romantic swing in the skies with your partner. Or just do it for some adventure and thrill. Whichever way it is, it will give your memorable beautiful moments spent in the sky.

Intangible Benefits


Executive and VIP safety, as well as the security of proprietary information, are ensured on a private flight.


Remote locations, difficult to reach with scheduled carriers, can more easily be accessed by business aircraft. Similarly, our charter helicopter services provide access to remote destinations or congested urban areas lacking an airport


Business aircraft travel is the quickest means of commuting and reducing flying times. Flight plans can be altered end route to accommodate meeting schedule changes.


Business travelers can reach two or more destinations in a single day, an option seldom offered to executives on scheduled flights.


Be contactable always, with almost the entire flight time available to conduct business in a congenial, undisturbed environment. Executive briefings before or between meetings can be held in absolute privacy.


Pay as you go access to our diverse fleet of aircraft on a size category or type-specific basis. You have the opportunity to book aircraft based on specific trip needs between categories.

Our Clients