Plans & Pricing

Packages Tailored According To Your Needs

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need all rolled up into one simple plan and one cost-effective price.

We promise you – getting up and running here is much simpler.  We provide all the furniture, all utilities, internet access, technical support and a business center ready to go.  We also have a receptionist here during business hours to greet you and your guests.  Do you need a business phone?  We can help you with that as well.

Take a look at our plans below and then set up a tour to come in and see the space.  You really have to see it to fully appreciate the business community we provide.  I guarantee it’s like nothing else you have seen.


/ Month
Rs.800 /Day
Including Internet & Power with Backup
*All prices Excluding Govt. Taxes


/ Month
Rs.200 / Day
Including Internet & Power with Backup
*All prices Excluding Govt. Taxes

Conference Room

/ Day
Rs.600 / Hour
Including Internet, Coffee/Tea & Power with Backup
*All prices Excluding Govt. Taxes

Meeting Room

/ Day
Rs.300 / Hour
Including Internet, Coffee/Tea & Power with Backup
*All prices Excluding Govt. Taxes

Virtual Office

/ Year
Rs.2500 / Month
Including Internet & Power with Backup
*All prices Excluding Govt. Taxes


A serviced office is a furnished and fully functional office facility. It accommodates multiple companies of different sizes. It has modern office equipment, conference and meeting facilities on demand.

Lorven offers space as a solution with contemporary office furniture, high-speed internet connectivity, fully staffed reception, scanners and photocopying machines. You need to bring your laptops/ desktops/ servers as per your requirement.

It is the same way as any traditional office space hiring. You can sign the office space and occupy the fully furnished office space same day if it is available.

At Lorven Business Centre, We have a common board at the entrance and you can also display the name at your office entrance.

Yes, whether you choose a standard meeting room, conference room or boardroom, catering is available as an additional pay-as-you-use service. We will handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.

You can start from as minimum as 1 Workstation to as much as your requirement goes subjected to availability or you can start with a virtual office.

Advantages with Lorven

Located in Prime area.
Easy to Book
Well Equipped Meeting Rooms or Conference Rooms
You can book the Meeting Rooms or Conference Rooms as less as for 15mins and pay only for the usage.

The usual Working Hours are from Morning 8:00AM to 7:00PM as the center is operating for 24 Hours. We can always extend our services after 7:00PM on Request.

It is very simple to book. You can send us a mail on or call us on +91 40 66529999/+91 9652112288.

How do I pay?

Full payment for meeting room hire is required in advance of the booking. You can pay by DD, cheque or bank transfer online or card swipe. Once you have made a booking, you will receive a confirmation email.

To confirm a booking simply contact us by email or call at our Business Centre with a request to confirm your booking and our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

A frequent meeting room customer will get the benefit of preferred customer with discounted rates

A Virtual Office can give your business a presence in a new location, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. With all the benefits of rented office space, a Virtual Office could be ideal for your business.

You can easily test new markets with Lorven Virtual Office without the need for capital investment. With your Virtual Office agreement, you also receive priority access to Lorven meeting rooms for your meeting needs. Our Virtual Office operator handling your inbound calls and messaging that you can focus on growing your business.