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Extensive Experience in Commercial Lease Negotiations.

The experienced team at Lorven property consulting can help you find the perfect commercial office space for rent in Hyderabad to fit the needs of your business without commission charges.

If you are looking to lease or purchase commercial office space in Hyderabad area, the Team at Lorven Property Consulting can help you find what you need.  Our team consists of Commercial real estate agents and salespeople with almost a decade of experience will help you to identify the property you are looking and the good thing is we won’t charge any commission on your lease or rented office like other Agencies.

Why You Should Work with Lorven Property Consulting?

At No Cost To You

Because our services are At No Cost To You, as a licensed real estate broker we earn a commission that is paid by the landlord or seller. The owner pays our commission as they would any other legitimate marketing expense for their buildings. This fact is clearly stated in our representation letter that each client signs when they engage us as their exclusive agent. The landlord has an agent and savvy tenants know they need one too.


Because we are experienced professionals that have dedicated our careers to commercial property sales and leasing. We have helped hundreds of client companies with their commercial real estate needs. Each year we conduct hundreds of personal tours of commercial property throughout the Hyderabad. We have the experience to assist clients that need 1,000 square feet or more


Because we are Knowledgeable about the Hyderabad real estate market and the rates and concessions being offered. At Lorven Property Consulting we know what kind of rate a building made yesterday and that building knows that we will expect the same rate or a better one today for you. Since we specialize in tenant and buyer representation we are constantly involved in what goes on in the market. We know which buildings offer the best maintenance and management, tenant services, amenities, parking and access – we even know which ones have the best elevator service! All of these elements are important to your overall satisfaction with the space you choose to lease or buy.


Because we are Objective in the services Lorven Property Consulting provides to our client companies. Since we do not manage or own commercial property we are totally objective in the buildings we present to you. By working through us you can rest assured that there is no bias placed on one building over another. We work with every property in the city, which ensures you a wide field to select from.


Because we are dedicated to providing you, the prospective commercial property user, with the highest level of personal service possible. When you appoint Lorven Property Consulting as your agent you receive more than just an everyday real estate broker – you receive a specialist. We strive to learn all we can about your business to help you select the property solution that is perfect for your needs – both now and in the time to come.


For over a Decade, Lorven Property Consulting has specialized in providing our clients with an exemplary level of personal service executed with enthusiasm and professionalism. At Lorven Property Consulting, our focus is providing clients with complete personal service when acting on their behalf as tenant reps in Hyderabad commercial office leasing or purchasing. We will learn your specific office lease needs and goals to help find the best commercial office spaces in IT Park Hyderabad for your business. We strive in every way to be a part of your team, finding the perfect commercial real estate solution for the continued success and growth of your business.

When you select Lorven Property Consulting to handle your assignment, you will be represented by a team of experienced, seasoned Commercial real estate agents with over decade-plus years of experience. Lorven Property Consulting handles all aspects of any commercial lease negotiations from the beginning and all the way through your commercial lease or property ownership for office space for sale in Hyderabad. Our knowledgeable and experienced commercial property experts are responsible for all the elements of your transaction, from initial research to delivery of the best commercial office space solution to serve your unique needs. Lorven Property Consulting specializes in representing your needs. As your representative, the Lorven Property Consulting experts put your needs first in the entire leasing process of office space for rent in Hyderabad.

Our reputation stands upon our experience, market knowledge, enthusiasm, flexibility, and resolute commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of personal, specialized professional service in connection with your commercial real estate needs.

An Office Space where all members can network and grow under one roof, yet operate independently. Our flexible commercial office spaces in IT Park Hyderabad has been intuitively designed to give your organization a seamless work experience.

Our Hyderabad commercial office space is accurately designed to shadow your brand ethos. Our workspaces have seamless technology integration, excellent hospitality, and additional ancillary services that aid the needs of your growing business.

We provide an aspirational workspace for enterprises to network and collaborate. Our tailor-made offices and commerical space in Hyderabad are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art conference rooms and board rooms, high-speed WiFi and executive printing services, medical rooms and recreational gaming zones among others.

Choose From Our Wide Range Of Office Locations: Kondapur, Hitec City, Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kavurihills, Nanakramguda, Financial District & Jubilee hills.

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About Us


Lorven Property Consulting started in 2013 as a Real Estate & Property Management Company and expanded its wings to Aviation from 2018. We emerged as one of the prominent companies in areas of Property Management Consulting, Aviation and Real Estate. We stand out for our customers with the aid of using deep expertise to clear up problems that matter, making them easy to understand and being easy to work with.

Our Vision is to establish ourselves as one of the Leading Companies in each of the fields we operate and stand out as one of the most trusted, and valued company which serves the best to Investors, Clients, Team, Company and the Society.

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